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Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about music education and the art of teaching. Awakening the joy of creative expression in each student is a vocation I am committed to honoring. 

I enjoy getting to know and understand each student; how their mind works, how they learn best. I enjoy discovering and building upon their unique strengths, qualities and personalities. 

Cello lessons are as much about learning to play the cello well, as about learning essential life skills that can be transferred to every other aspect of life. 

I believe excellent instructors are people who understand children and teenagers. They inspire, motivate, and guide. They understand and effectively impart the technical abilities needed to express musicality at the highest possible level.

I design my cello lessons according to each student’s individual needs and learning styles. Instruction that gives students thorough technical command of the cello enables them to connect their innate creativity and depth of emotion to musical expression. 

My teaching style focuses on developing musicality and technical skills through positive reinforcement and confidence-boosting activities, while emphasizing creative thinking, self-discovery and inspiring an appreciation and passion for playing music. 

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6312 Needham Ln
Austin, Travis County 78739


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