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Cello Choir

South Austin Cello Choir

Making the world a better place through music and togetherness

Cello Choir provides a social environment for students to practice their skills with others. They learn the art of leading and following their peers and gain confidence and inspiration from playing with their fellow cellists. They refine their listening skills, match tone, pitch, tempo and style, and their individual parts come together to create and shape beautiful music.  

In Cello Choir, we are part of a greater whole and build a sense of community. Everyone strives towards a common goal and students feel free to play with spirit and fearless enthusiasm. The synergism of playing in an ensemble like this is fun, empowering and rewarding. Children and parents alike forge friendships and together we bring the gift of music to the greater community through performance. 

Engaging and outside-the-box activities makes learning fun! We explore a wide variety of musical styles, from Bach to Beatles to ragtime, tangos, rock, blues and film scores. Music is arranged for all levels of ability to play in harmony together.

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